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Education software | Photo source Pixabay

Software helps educators respond to more than just their students’ grades


In Latvia, a new software helps educators learn from insights that go beyond grades by surveying students, families and teachers.

For corporations, the more technology can help provide in-depth customer insights, the better. We recently wrote about an eye-tracking innovation that provides extremely accurate viewing data. Now, Edurio, a Latvian startup is aiming to provide similarly accurate and in-depth insights in the world of education.

Edurio is a software tool that collects and analyzes student feedback to provide deeper insights into classrooms and help those in charge of academics. The company is committed to contributing to higher quality of education around the world, and the technology makes student, family, and teacher feedback accessible. The survey platform, which provides research-based questions, enables teachers to easily collect surveys. It also delivers data visualizations to make the information quicker to process. These insights help school districts, head teachers and teachers better understand how everyone in their program is doing. It may support education funding bodies make decisions, create professional development programs and evaluate the impact of any new product or school-improvement initiatives. Edurio could also be used by publishers or EdTech companies that want to measure the impact of their initiatives.

Founded in 2014, this Riga-based organization is currently used in over 300 schools in five countries and is ready for US expansion. Could this kind of in-depth data be used in other public services?




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