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Garden robot

Solar garden robot waters plants and scares pests away


With a smart, 360-degree swivel camera connected to wifi and a water source, the garden robot helps growers prevent waste, use water carefully and scares off pests.

Designed for use in a garden of up to 100 square feet, the smart GardenSpace gardening assistant waters plants appropriately and alerts growers to potential problems. Easy and quick to set up, the device requires only a wifi connection and water supply. Once installed, users download the app and input information about the plants being grown. The app suggests planting and harvesting times as well as potential positioning to maximize growth according to what else is in the garden.

The robot is solar powered and works even with continuous overcast days. Its smart camera rotates 360 degrees and records images and videos. When an animal or pest is detected, the camera directs a spray of water directly at the intruder. For growers wanting additional support, an accompanying cloud service is available that provides expert gardening advice and feedback. The service is available for a monthly fee as well as part of the Australian company’s Kickstarter supporter packages.

With climate change altering landscapes around the world, and urbanization continuing, finding new, smarter ways to use city space is integral to improving food chain sustainability. Solutions range from niche communal farms such as a mobile farm on a bike in China to large-scale indoor carbon-neutral “plantscraper” farming in Sweden. How else could technology help urbanites connect to nature in limited spaces?



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