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Solar headphones also charge wearers' smartphones


OnBeat Solar Headphones conveniently charge users' devices at the same time as providing high quality sound.

The Solar Ad Charger campaign has already demonstrated how even magazines can contain ultra-thin solar panels to enable consumers to charge their smartphones. Now OnBeat Solar Headphones conveniently charge users’ devices at the same time as providing high quality sound.

Recognizing that one of the main accessories that people couple with their tablets or smartphones is a pair of headphones, audio engineer Andrew Anderson has created a set that include solar panels and a charging outlet. The headphones feature a strip of photovoltaic cells along the top of the headband, where the kit is most likely to come into contact with the sun’s rays when being worn. The headphones include a standard 3.5mm jack that is connected to one of the earcups, while the other earcup has a USB slot that can fit typical smartphone or tablet charging cables. Users can therefore enjoy high quality sound from their devices at the same time as being able to charge them with renewable energy on-the-go. The following video explains more about the product:

The OnBeat Solar Headphones were initially put onto Kickstarter, but media and consumer interest in the product led to the headphones being backed by a private investor. Consumers can now pre-order the headphones for GBP 89. What other devices could be turned into smartphone chargers through solar technology or otherwise?

Spotted by: Dietfried Globocnik



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