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Mobile micro-cinema powered entirely by the sun

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Cinemas around the world are faced with the challenge of recapturing the public’s imagination, creating a compelling experience to drag customers away from their smaller-screen rivals. The latest attempt we’ve spotted has taken a micro approach, creating a tiny cinema from a 1960s caravan to showcase films from the local area. The Sol Cinema seats just 8 adults or 12 children in quirky surrounds, featuring two tiers of plush seating and an LED projector. A dedicated usher sells tickets and shows the audience to their seats. Furthermore, the entire operation is powered by a 120W solar panel and lithium batteries. The cinema is part of a non-profit project and is available to organisations wishing to showcase short films in their local community. It has already toured a number of music and arts festivals in the UK. The Sol Cinema has been attracting a lot of attention for its novel approach in the UK. Combining an intimate auditorium with local content and an eco-twist seems to be a winning formula. What lessons can you learn and apply in your local market…? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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