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Organic soups, delivered weekly by bicycle

Mobility & Transport

We’ve seen bicycles used to deliver a variety of products in recent months, including groceries, farm produce and laundry. The latest spotting? Organic soup, made from locally grown produce and delivered each week to subscribers. Three soups are typically on the menu in any given week at SoupCycle. Consumers who live or work in the Portland, Ore., company’s delivery area begin by checking out the selections for the following week and placing their order by midnight on Friday; rustic bread, salad and dressing are also available. With a list of subscribers in hand, SoupCycle then buys the necessary produce from local farmers. On Monday it cooks up those ingredients into delectable soup, and then on Tuesdays it begins its weekly deliveries, with a different delivery day for each area. Pricing ranges from USD 18 for a quart of soup plus bread and salad, which will serve one or two people, to USD 45 for quantities that can serve six; items can also be ordered a la carte. A USD 3 delivery charge applies for orders under USD 18; otherwise, delivery is free. Each of SoupCycle’s trailers can carry some 40 soup containers, 40 bread loaves and 20 salads at once, it says. Since SoupCycle first launched about a year and a half ago, it has delivered more than 10,000 orders of soup, spent USD 33,000 with local farmers and saved 3,000 gas-powered miles by using bicycles instead. Some 300 subscribers now enjoy its weekly deliveries. One to emulate locally for some piping-hot profits of your own…? 😉 (Related: Sustainable baked goods by weekly subscription.) Spotted by: Anna Brones



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