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From South Africa, a faster and easier way to apply condoms

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Pronto uses a patented applicator to apply condoms in less than four seconds. The company is now targeting global distribution.

In South Africa, where more people are living with AIDS and HIV than any other country in the world, inventor Willem van Renburg recognized the need for a condom that is quicker and easier to apply than conventional models, in order to encourage more people to use them. After several years of development his idea became Pronto, a condom that can be put on in less than four seconds using a special applicator. The Pronto condom is now embarking on a global rollout. Willem received financial assistance from Metropolitan Life Ltd for the initial development phase, and with the help of several technology suppliers created the first production machine and secured patents in key markets around the world. The condom was initially launched in 2006, contained within a foil pack — which also acts as the applicator — and was packaged in a protective sleeve. To apply the condom the user holds the foil pack between the thumbs and forefingers, cracks the pack in half, pulls the applicator apart, rolls the condom down and snaps the applicator off the condom, in one continuous movement. Pronto received further funding to test and develop the product before relaunching in South Africa on Valentine’s Day 2011 and beginning the search for international distributors. M&C Saatchi Abel have created a playful marketing campaign and Pronto plans to grant distribution licenses to overseas companies who have knowledge of local markets and infrastructure. The first license has been given to a company in Switzerland, and marketing material will be provided to ensure consistent brand messaging. The video below demonstrates how Pronto woks: AIDS and STDs are serious problems that affect communities in countries worldwide. Could distributing Pronto in your area be a beneficial and profitable move? Spotted by: Denise Kuperman



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