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In South Korea, Kinect and RFID power an augmented reality theme park

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South Korea's Live Park taps both RFID and Kinect to create what it calls the world's first 4D avatar theme park.

We’ve already seen RFID used in several theme parks as a way for guests to post photos and share their experiences online. Now bringing the technology to the forefront of the theme park experience, South Korea’s Live Park taps both RFID and Kinect to create what it calls the world’s first 4D avatar theme park. Opened in December by new media entertainment company d’strict at the KINTEX exhibition center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, Live Park gives visitors the opportunity to experience and interact with a virtual world. Using what it calls a “mixed reality architecture,” the park allows the visitor to create an avatar and become the main character in a unique, augmented reality adventure. Sixty-five attractions over seven thematic stages contribute to the experience, which uses 3D video, holograms and augmented reality to immerse guests. As visitors and their avatars move through the park, they interact with the attractions using RFID wristbands, while Kinect sensors recognize their gestures, voices and faces. The video below gives a preview of the Live Park experience:
Live Park’s 10,000-square meter space is the result of a USD 13 million investment over two years and can accommodate up to 3,000 visitors at any one time, or 10,000 visitors a day. d’strict already has plans to create permanent facilities for Live Park in China and Singapore, and it now seeks to expand overseas by licensing Live Park to potential partners. Entertainment and tech entrepreneurs the world over: one to get involved in? Spotted by: Smith Alan



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