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Hubtype at Chatbot Summit Berlin

Spanish startup aims to make better bots

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Hubtype helps companies use AI and chatbots to create a "human experiences" through chatbots and other messaging services

Spotted: Spain and UK-based Hubtype helps companies improve customer service and marketing by humanizing AI-driven agents. It uses an opensource software to help developers deploy and scale conversational apps across multiple messaging channels.

Hubtype is different from other startups working to improve chatbots using AI, the company says. Its service helps companies combine AI with human interaction. For instance, it can help customer service departments automatically send complex queries to a human agent. For sales teams, that could mean chatbots pre-qualify potential clients and pass them on to an agent for the sale.

“We know very well that chatbots aren’t enough on their own… To provide effective and meaningful interactions, companies need to go beyond bots and provide conversational experiences,” the company, which recently raised nearly €1 million to expand its business, told TechCruch.

Hubtype provides developers with the tools to create conversational experiences through popular messaging apps, like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. It was recently named a WhatsApp service provider. The company says its programs can help businesses save money by automating 80 percent of customer queries with fewer resources.




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