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Helping consumers rent out unused space

Property & Construction

From unused parking spaces to extra beds to arable land suitable for gardening, consumers are increasingly finding new, recession-busting ways to make the most of what they have. While we’ve covered several examples of marketplaces that focus on one of those sharable assets, we hadn’t yet seen Spareground, a UK-based contender that aims to cover them all. Spareground bills itself as “the one-stop shop for finding somewhere to store your sports equipment, keep your caravan for the winter, park your car, graze your horse, find somewhere to display your art or find somewhere to stay near that sports event or festival.” In essence, it’s a place to advertise or look for just about any kind of unused space, including accommodations, parking spaces, driveways, garages, storage facilities such as attics or sheds, unused land, spare rooms or car share spaces. The site is free to use by both businesses and individuals, and space is organised by category: property, land, parking, storage or other. Consumers with space to share simply create a listing with its description, location and price; those seeking space search by category or keyword and then contact the owner directly to arrange the terms. “Space wanted” ads are also available. Launched last summer, ad-supported Spareground hopes to expand beyond the UK in the near future. Given the current economic woes around the globe, it’s fairly sure there will be healthy demand. One to get in on early in a market near you…? Spotted by: Rachael Mallender



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