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Throwable mic to liven up event participation

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The Catchbox wireless throwable microphone aims to liven up seminars by easily enabling audience participation.

Lectures and talks are traditionally one-sided affairs but can become monotonous for audiences if they are not able to voice their own opinion. We’ve already seen provide extra content and a channel for feedback through unique event URLs, but the Catchbox is a wireless throwable microphone that aims to liven up seminars by easily enabling audience participation. While boom mics require operators, the Catchbox consists of a wireless microphone padded with foam so that it can be passed around without the risk of breaking. At amplified events, the mic can quickly reach its target and offer audience members both physical and verbal involvement in the discussion, as well as adding an element of fun. The mic can simply be passed from speaker to speaker, or thrown to make meetings and events more lively. The Catchbox offers structure to conversations by ensuring that only the person with the device has the floor. Companies are also able to brand the box with their own name and logos. The startup hopes to have the product ready for pre-ordering in the next few months, and it will also be available to rent, although prices have not yet been confirmed. The Catchbox could make it easier for event organizers to involve their audiences in an engaging way. Are there any other ways to spice up potentially dull talks and meetings? Spotted by: Jan Ameri



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