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Spectators at re-enactment village get wifi access from donkeys

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Kfar Kedem in Israel is offering connectivity from the animals featured in the park, through its Wi Fi Donkeys service.

With internet access becoming more of a necessity than a luxury these days, we’ve seen a number of startups trying to boost wifi coverage outdoors, including pavement hotspots and even park wifi powered by dog poo. Now a re-enactment village in Israel is providing connectivity to tourists from the animals that carry them around the park, through its Wi Fi Donkeys service. Kfar Kedem is a foreign tourist attraction that offers donkey rides through the Lower Galilee hills while actors depict biblical-era life around them. Despite being located in an area steeped in history, the park’s owners are bringing the service up to date by equipping five of its 30 donkeys with wifi routers. Taking advantage of the number of visitors who turn up with smartphones and tablet devices, the park is hoping that – by providing connectivity – those tourists will be able to instantly share their opinions on the attraction, as well as photos and videos on social networks. With internet access slowly becoming ubiquitous, Kfar Kedem is leading the way by bringing wifi to the remote hills of Israel. One to replicate in your part of the world? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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