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Spokeless wheels bring full suspension to foldable bikes

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Loopwheels is a spokeless wheel design from UK-based Jelly Products that aims to offer a more comfortable ride.

Foldable bicycles may bring unsurpassed convenience to the pedal-powered commuting world, but with their attractive flexibility can sometimes come a price in comfort. Integral suspension systems are often sacrificed for that foldable convenience, but the Loopwheels – a spokeless wheel from UK-based Jelly Products – aims to offer a more comfortable ride. “Most folding bikes do not have suspension because conventional suspension forks add weight and bulk to the bicycle,” explains Jelly Products. “Replacing the spoked wheels with Loopwheels provides full suspension in a bike which hasn’t got room for a traditional suspension system.” A patent-pending design, the 20-inch Loopwheels feature a spring system instead of spokes to cushion the rider. However, each Loopwheel weighs only about 300g more than its spoked equivalent, offering a more comfortable ride with only minimal weight gain. Loopwheels recently surpassed by some 50 percent their GBP 40,000 funding goal in a Kickstarter campaign. Cycle-minded entrepreneurs: one to get involved in?



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