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Holiday subscription service plans surprise trips

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Trveler is a subscription-based web package that plans entire trips for holiday-seekers.

We recently saw an app making spontaneous trips easy, now subscription-based web package Trveler is helping US holiday-seekers plan seamless getaways, too.

Users pay a monthly fee which covers the cost of a trip every 90 days. That works out to four trips per year. The subscription includes travel to a surprise destination and a two-night hotel booking, with additional add-ons depending on membership packages. Users can choose their level of spontaneity by entering preferred dates and destinations in their profiles, or let Trveler pick for them. They will receive details of their trip two weeks prior to travel. At an extra cost, users can customize their holiday any way they want, with car rental, extended stays or by signing up for special events in the area. A social network hub for users to share stories and photos of their adventures is currently in development. With funding from Travel Startups Incubator, Trveler is planning to expand their service outside of the US within a year.

Trveler meets the desire for spontaneous travel with curated packages that remove the details of planning. Could other spontaneous activities be similarly curated?



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