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For lovers of good food and wine, part of the joy of traveling to new places is often the ability to enjoy new and different gastronomic experiences. Where Dishcrawl enables four culinary mini-adventures in a single evening within the North American cities it serves, Spoontrip helps travelers away from home find authentic, local food and wine experiences wherever their journeys happen to take them. Billed as a “community of culinary tourism,” French Spoontrip is a place where travelers can book activities with local, gastronomy-minded providers while locals with a culinary flair can offer and advertise their own activities for free. Site-specific visits, meet-and-greets with producers, tastings, gourmet ateliers, cooking classes, weekend stays at a farm, and gastronomy-themed holidays are just a sampling of the offers to be found. Travelers can search the site by region, activity type, category and date; specific examples range from a two-hour tour of wine tasting in Tuscany for EUR 50 per person, a weekend of truffle-hunting in Provence for EUR 270 per person, to an 11-day culinary tour in Turkey for EUR 2,900 each. All activity providers are aficionados or professionals with a particular passion for sharing their expertise with international travelers, and all manage their offerings through the site themselves. They pay a fee to Spoontrip only when they receive payment for a reserved activity. Though it may now be difficult to remember, there once was a time when travel was mostly just travel. Today, the variations on that theme are multiplying every day. How could you give international globetrotters a distinct taste of life in your region?



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