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Sports bike gamifies cycling and teaches rider how to improve performance

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The new Audi e-bike Wörthersee features a 2.3kW electric motor and an onboard computer that can connect to a smartphone, offering challenges and tips.

Aimed at riders using their bike for tricks or sports, the new Audi e-bike Wörthersee features an onboard computer that can connect to a smartphone, offering challenges and tips on how to improve performance. Presented at the Wörthersee tour in Austria on 16 May, the prototype of the bike aims to replicate technology featured on motorcycles without negatively affecting the weight or design. Using a 2.3kW electric motor, the bike has a motor-assisted pedaling mode enabling speeds up to 50MPH, and it can travel at 31MPH on the motor alone. A battery is located inside the frame, which powers the touchscreen computer fitted onto the bike, and the seat can be lowered or raised at the press of a button to help the rider perform tricks and stunts. The vehicle has several cycling modes which aid the user in completing their chosen task, such as Power Wheelie mode, which can be used by beginners to help them achieve the trick. Users are able to connect their smartphones to the computer through WLAN, receiving challenges and advice if they have trouble completing them, as well as reviewing their route cycled and tricks achieved. Audi has also created a helmet with a built-in microphone and camera to record video of any attempts to complete a challenge, which can then be uploaded onto the internet and shared with others. An online point-rewarding platform will be developed to enable users keep track of successes and compare their achievements with fellow e-bike users. The video below demonstrates the bike in action: The Audi e-Bike Wörthersee seeks to be a machine that will actively improve users’ skills through gamification. It also hopes to build a community among users. How else could gamification be used to bring fresh life to an older invention?



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