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Sports video intelligence platform provides instant match footage analysis

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A new technology powered by deep learning offers coaches actionable insights by tracking every aspect of soccer and cricket games from videos.

We have already seen the effect of innovation on the sporting world, from new tech used to take cricket games to a new level to a wearable patch that analyses athletes’ sweat. The Australian innovation Flixsense gives the world’s coaches and teams the unique opportunity to access instant match footage analysis. The company uses AI technology to provide coaches with the insight they need to win.

The company currently consists of a three-person team, and is looking to expand. The platform is able to track every aspect of the football game, from goals and passing patterns to ball possession and player tracking. There is also a platform specifically designed for cricket which does ball tracking, batting stroke analysis and player tracking. The technology uses deep learning algorithms to provides unique insights into match footage which can be used to help coaches improve their team’s results. The AI models are able to expand their knowledge and become smarter the more videos are added. The startup is hoping to expand their technology to suit more sports. Consumers are currently able to sign up to ask for a demo of the platform and to receive product notifications.

This is an innovative use of AI technology which we have seen implicated in other parts of the fitness industry, such as providing tailored workouts to gym goers and smart calorie counters, however Flixsense provide a unique service specifically aimed at world standard team sports. How else could AI technology be used in the professional sporting industry? How might this video platform revolutionise worldwide coaching techniques?




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