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Spritz powered wrist wearable lets consumers speed read notifications

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Uno Noteband is a wrist wearable which uses Spritz's speed reading technology to keep consumers up to date with all their notifications.

We recently included Spritz — the text ‘streaming’ service — in our Top 10 business ideas of 2015 and suggested that the tech could be applied to a wide range of applications over the next few years. We are already beginning to see the possibilities, with Uno Noteband — the first wearable to be powered by Spritz — currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

The Uno Noteband is the latest offering in hi-tech wearables. It sets itself apart from the competition by utilizing Spritz’s ‘text streaming’, flashing information at up to 600 words per minute to maximize human reading potential and eliminating the need for scrolling. Consumers can keep up to date with all their digital alerts through one single product, without the need to check their phone. Uno Noteband can be used to access incoming calls, emails, social media alerts and reminders as well as updates from integrated applications including Apple Health, Google fit and Xbox live.

The product is read only and is worn around the wrist. When an alert comes through, the Uno vibrates and then displays the alert when the user touches it. It integrates fitness tracking technology which can be synced with smartphones and extends its audience possibilities by partnering with Xbox, Playstation and Steam too — marketing itself as the first wearable for gamers. You can watch the Noteband at work in the video below:

The product casts its consumer net far and wide by expanding its applications whilst keeping its functionality very simple. Uno Noteband offers many of the same functions as a smartphone so its appeal essentially lies in its one way stream of information — enabling consumers to continue the task at hand without feeling disconnected. Are there other variations of existing products that could appeal by simplifying their functions?



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