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Site helps office workers get to know their neighbours

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One of the ironies of the networked world is that we often end up communicating more frequently with those across the planet than we do with the people living right next door. Stackd is a site that aims to change all that by helping to connect those who work in the same vicinity. Now in beta, Stackd was created by New York-based Supermetric to enable its own neighbouring office workers to get in touch, whether “for business or beers,” as the site puts it. Currently focused on Manhattan and Brooklyn, the site is free to use for both individuals and businesses, which are encouraged to list their offices on the site. After signing up with Stackd, users can browse by address through the listings of other businesses in their area, hook up and expand their social network locally. The site explains: “We would like to think that it’s the people around you that should be part of your social network: people you meet in the elevator rather than on Facebook, people you follow to the 14th floor instead of on Twitter. Online social networks are great for what they are. We built STACKD to tap the potential of the place you stick around most: the office.” We’ve covered other examples of nethoods, as our sister site calls them—LifeAt is one—but we hadn’t yet seen one focusing on office buildings. Either way, the potential benefits—both for users and for local advertisers—are compelling. One to partner with or emulate in an office district near you…?



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