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Sustainable urban campground to be crowd-funded & managed

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An urban campground in the Dutch city of Zwolle aims to stand out in two ways: by being sustainable and by launching as a cooperative, funded and managed by paying members. Inspired by MyFootballClub (the community-owned soccer club), Stadscamping Zwolle is enlisting people to sign up as campground shareholders. A Happy Camper membership costs EUR 35 and entitles members to two nights stay at the camp site, as well as a say in how Stadscamping will be run. Members will be able to vote on issues like site planning and sustainable power sources. The project was launched earlier this year and hopes to welcome its first guests next summer. So far, it has identified 11 potential locations, and will be hosting a camping demo at a Dutch sustainability event in November. If all goes according to plan, Stadscamping Zwolle will license its cooperative model to other towns and cities. Spotted by: Jeroen Beekhuizen



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