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Web apps can be quite a boon for small businesses, offering them flexible applications that are accessible from any web browser, and often at a lower cost than traditional corporate software. Joining the fray and aiming to take the stress out of shift management, WorkWhen Notifier is an Australian site that distributes staff schedules to employees via email and SMS. Users put together their schedule as they normally do, and upload it to WorkWhen’s website, or send it by email or fax. WorkWhen accepts any document or spreadsheet that customers care to use—even photos of whiteboards or scanned notes. With a process estimated to take less than 5 minutes per week, it’s refreshing to find a service that fits users’ ways of doing things, rather than the other way around. Notifications are then sent to employees by email and/or text message, and employers can track which staff members have read their messages. After a free introductory period, the service starts at AUD 20 per week, a price that includes all texts and emails to staff. As consumers become accustomed to web applications and online life hacks that make their personal lives easier, they’re coming to expect the same level of convenience from the tools they use to manage their work lives. Which means plenty of opportunities for smart entrepreneurs. Spotted by: Jo-Hanna Werts



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