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Startup uses AI to generate sales leads

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A Finnish company has developed a platform that collects information about website visitors and turns it into sales leads

Spotted: Helsinki-based startup Leadfeeder has developed an AI-powered platform that collects data about website visitors and turns it into sales leads. The idea is that businesses can use the enriched data provided by Leadfeeder to make more effective and targeted pitches. It can also help anticipate the needs of potential customers before contacting them.

Leadfeeder uses Google Analytics to first identify companies visiting its clients’ websites. It then uses machine learning to prioritise visitors based on what they do on the website and collects behavioural data, along with the visitor’s company contact information. This information is provided directly to users’ existing CRM and marketing tools.

“B2B companies try to generate sales leads through their website, but 98 percent of visitors never leave their contact information,” Leadfeeder co-founder and CEO Pekka Koskinenn told

Leadfeeder has recently raised £2.67 million in a Series A funding round led by Dutch firm Endeit Capital, along with Finland’s Superhero Capital and Vendep Capital. It charges a monthly subscription rate based on the level of website traffic. Prices start at around £45 a month, and some services are free.




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