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Startup applies for jobs so users don't have to

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Mentat is an online service for jobseekers that will improve their documents, customize cover letters and fill out job applications.

Finding and completing job applications can be a very time consuming and disheartening process. People have long turned to career advisors for assistance, but this can be expensive and inconvenient, especially for those already in work. Now, Mentat is an online service for jobseekers that will do all the work on their behalf, including improving their documents, customizing cover letters and filling out the applications.

To begin, new clients text Mentat explaining their current position and desired career change. The service initially uses text technology to understand the applicant’s background, before assigning them with the most appropriate advisor. Next, the Mentat advisor reworks the client’s resume and LinkedIn profile, according to the needs of the client’s ambitions. Finally, the startup will customize each cover letter and apply to job openings on the client’s behalf.

We have already seen services provide nutrition advice and therapy online. What other industries could be made more convenient with a similar setup?



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