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Startup app turns ordinary people into brand ambassadors


A new app allows companies to outsource their customer service and sales support to ordinary people

A new app allows companies to outsource their customer service and sales support using crowdsourcing. Zurich-based startup Guuru, matches up users of a product or service with people who have specific questions about the product or service. The app allows customers to connect with brand ambassadors, who can then share their experience through a one-on-one live chat on the company website. Prospective brand ambassadors sign up via the app. When customers on a company’s website have a question, the app uses a proprietary algorithm to match them with the correct ‘guuru’. After chatting with the customer, the guuru is compensated based on the customer’s rating.

Companies using Guuru can monitor every chat, view aggregate data and download custom reports. The service is run completely in the Cloud, meaning there is no software to install, and is secured with end-to-end encryption. Because companies only pay per chat, and only for chats that generate an answer to the customer’s question, Guuru allows companies to potentially save money on hiring permanent support staff. Once a customer signs up with Guuru, they invite experienced users of the product or service to join the Guuru community and share their knowledge. Potential guurus are tested before going live, and those with better ratings are prioritized. Guurus can be rewarded with cash or points that can be traded for goods.

Guurus don’t follow sales scripts and answer questions based on personal experience. As a result, the startup claims that they are the best to convert leads and increase loyalty with live testimonials and advice. The company currently operates in Switzerland and has recently raised more than USD 850,000 to begin rolling the app out in Germany and Austria.




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