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At-home pop-up shop | Photo source Cam Morin on Unsplash

Startup creates at-home pop-up shop


A fashion startup is offering a new way to shop by bringing pop-up shops at home.

Here at Springwise, we have covered a variety of ways in which retailers are creating unique shopping experiences for customers. These include a hyper-connected concept for future shopping centres and a retail solution that uses artificial intelligence to automate stores. Now, US based startup MaisonMarché has created a new business model – an in-home pop-up shop that brings together a mix of fashion brands.

Sarah Easley, founder of MaisonMarché, came up with the idea when she realised the little time that many fashion-forward people have to discover brands that are less well-known or seek out a professional stylist. The criteria for brands chosen by MaisonMarché are great style and social awareness. The shop therefore currently features a rotating mix of 50 fashion and accessory brands that are hard-to-find.

The pop-ups are set up in private homes and managed by hosts. MaisonMarché equips hosts with instructions on how they should present and manage the at-home popup shops. Designers and merchants will consign products to MaisonMarché for a limited period of time. Hosts are in charge of inviting their friends over to shop and a percentage of any sales made go to both the host and MaisonMarché. In addition, MaisonMarché offers styling services. The team also advises shoppers on what pieces suit them best and how to build looks for different occasions.

Furthermore, MaisonMarché donates the profits from every event to one of its four charity partners: EveryTown for Gun Safely, Children’s Hope Chest, FamilyCenters and Every Mother Counts.




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