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VR body-suit

Startup creates full-body VR suit


London-based startup hopes to manipulate the third most reactive sense – touch – as part of its project’s offering.

Valkyrie Industries is building the world’s first universal platform delivering a natural perception of touch for human computer interfaces. The seed-funded project’s goal for virtual reality is to fully simulate the public’s perception of life. Out of all the senses, only vision and sound are on the necessary level according to the company. The third and most important sense, touch, is still underdeveloped.

Valkyrie believes that in order for VR to reach its full potential, technology companies have to consider touch in their offerings. The company’s goal is therefore to create a full-body lightweight wearable haptic device to allow for active manipulation and interaction in virtual environments. Valkyrie gained access to Augmentor, a 10-week program supporting early stage businesses developing innovative and commercially focused applications of AR and VR. The program gives companies technical and business mentorship and access to state-of-the-art facilities. It concludes thereafter with the opportunity to pitch their ideas at an exclusive investor showcase.

Other VR technologies have the opportunity to boost senses much like Valkyrie Industries’ project. A haptic VR glove has transformed the lives of blind people by offering them the opportunity to experience art. Applications such as this exemplify how VR is so much more than a gaming tool. In a different industry, AR is being used for the fight against plastic pollution as a tool to advise customers on product in a zero-packaging store. These varied examples demonstrate the potential of state-of-the-art technology in multiple capacities.

This innovation has also been featured in the report ‘The Future of Immersive Content’, which was inspired by recent research conducted by our partner Digital Catapult, the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre. Download the full report here.



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