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Startup creates recruitment software to remove unconscious bias

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Using big data and neuroscience, a new software scales the hiring process and recruits new employees without unconscious bias.

Recruiter’s face many challenges including finding the best applicants from a large number of applications and hiring candidates without bias. A UK startup, MeVitae, has created new software to help companies overcome this challenge by scaling the hiring process. MeVitae’s founders are computer scientist Vivek Doraiswamy and neuroscientist Riham Satti. Together, they applied space, neuroscience and big data technology to advance the recruitment system.

Removing bias from the hiring process is necessary to enable diversity and MeVitae does this with cognitive technology. Companies who have recently advertised new job opportunities can add MeVitae software to their existing Application Tracking System. MeVitae uses an algorithm to select candidates, automating parts of the recruitment process. Moreover, as it uses cognitive technology, it can process information faster than a human. MeVitae validates each candidate’s score using the web and also supplies the company with its reasoning process. Its analysis takes into account the job specification and assesses how each candidate’s education, experience and qualifications compare.

After scoring candidates, MeVitae passes on a list of rankings to the company. This includes a selection of applicants who have been shortlisted for the role. In addition to cognitive technology, MeVitae uses neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). NLP removes all information from a candidates CV that could be cause for discrimination. For example, MeVitae will hide candidates’ gender and ethnicity before forwarding CV’s to employers.

MeVitae applies humanlike thinking to solve recruitment challenges and also becomes smarter over time. It learns more about the employer as they select candidates from the shortlist, therefore performing better the more it is used. Here at Springwise, we have previously published other workspace innovations such as a platform for hiring and managing talent that aims to reduce the gender gap. Another innovation is a program that rewards employees with travel benefits in order to increase productivity and retention. In what other ways can innovators enhance the recruitment system for large companies?




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