Innovation That Matters

Bathroom renovations | Photo source Jared Rice on Unsplash

Startup offers fast and affordable bathroom renovations

Intelligent design options simultaneously speeds up the renovation process at a lower cost.

Spotted: The construction industry has embraced various innovations recently spotted by Springwise, in order to radically improve their processes. For example, an autonomous robot dog could be an effective construction tool in future, and this robot arm is already in use in Denmark. Now the co-founder of Casper has begun a startup that aims to drastically reduce the cost and time drains of current bathroom renovations.

Block Renovation offers architect-designed renovation packages that can be installed at an affordable price in just three weeks. Anyone who has redesigned their home knows that construction can take extortionate amounts of time and drain even the largest of budgets. The company allows customers to pick a bathroom out of a catalogue. Every design comes from an interior designer. The customer receives an instant quote and can have that exact bathroom installed within three weeks. There are choices of two different aesthetics and a limited number of choices of tiling and decoration. These targeted choices allow for fast implementation. Further customisation comes at a higher cost.

The startup estimates that their renovations cost roughly 25 percent less than contractor prices. The work is guaranteed to be up to commercial grade standard and obey all relevant construction laws. Block Renovation also offers a price match guarantee. The average cost of their bathroom renovation is €17310, considerably less than the average New York renovation at €23240 ($25,900).

The startup launched mid-December 2018 and is currently available in New York and New Jersey. Block Renovation have plans to expand across the US and also move into renovating other rooms, such as kitchens.




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