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Startup guarantees best online prices, even after purchase

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Paribus is an automated plugin which scans users' online purchase receipts and files price adjustment claims on their behalf.

Most consumers will browse various e-commerce sites to find the lowest price before making a purchase, but few are likely to keep their eye open for better deals once they’ve made their order. This means that, despite many major online retailers having price match guarantee policies, very few customers actually take advantage. Paribus, a Brooklyn-based startup, is looking to change that.

Paribus is an automated plugin which connects to users’ email, scans their online purchase receipts and files price adjustment claims on their behalf, whenever it spots an opportunity. Users sign up via their mailbox — Paribus works with most email providers including Gmail, Hotmail and iCloud — and the plugin allows them to claim money back from a growing number of retailers. Paribus currently guarantees to track and price match 20 e-commerce stores including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Macy’s.

The startup takes a 25 percent commission on any savings it secures, including those from coupon codes or promos that the user missed out on. Currently in Beta, Paribus is currently rewarding referrals by waiving it’s success fee in order to extend its user base.

We recently saw DreamCheaper help customers get the best deal from hotels’ fluctuating prices, by intelligently canceling and re-booking rooms. Are there other services which could help consumers benefit from changing prices?



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