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AI shopping | Photo source Pixabay

Startup uses AI to fully automate retail stores


A new retail solution uses artificial intelligence to enhance the shopping experience and enables stores to operate unattended.

We have seen many retail innovations demonstrating that the future of retail is both digital and offline. For example, a touchscreen corridor that uses image recognition and purchase histories to suggest and locate items to customers. Another example is this smart shopping trolley that charges customers automatically. A new startup, called DeepMagic, also uses digital innovations to enhance the experience of a physical store. Using Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI), DeepMagic is enabling retailers to create unattended physical stores that are fully automated.

DeepMagic offers two products: the Qick Store Platform and the Qick Kiosk. The Qick Store Platform is a solution that lets customers shop with mobile scan and pay. Compatible with iPhone and Android phones, the shopper app also has integrated anti-theft controls. Using AI, computer vision and cameras, DeepMagic tracks the activities of customers in store and recognises any suspicious behaviour. Additionally, store managers can access this information in real-time.

The Qick Kiosk is a pop-up store that is fully automated. Image recognition software enables these unattended mini-stores to operate securely. The ideal positioning of Qick Kiosk is in places such as hotel lobbies and residential buildings – locations where shops do not exist but people would like to see them. Customers sign up on the Qick portal or mobile app. After signing up, customers can access and shop in the Qick Kiosk stores.

Products taken from retailers using DeepMagic are automatically charged to a customer’s account. Alternatively, customers can QickScan a label to arrange a home delivery. Unattended stores provide convenience to both retailers and customers through extending store hours, saving costs and automating check-out and security.




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