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Regular Springwise readers already have access to multiple business ideas each day, but a new site takes a different approach to delivering daily inspiration of its own. Drawing from books on entrepreneurship, business, marketing and management is The Startup Daily, a Connecticut-based site that serves up tips, ideas and advice every day in an email targeted specifically at entrepreneurs. Launched on New Year’s Eve 2010, The Startup Daily is delivered five to six days per week in a short email that can be digested in about 2 minutes, it says. On some days, featured ideas represent the main theme of a book; on other days, they’re ancillary. Either way, the email publication aims to cover everything from practical, specific tips to big-picture thoughts and wisdom. Each book that’s included, meanwhile, is also linked to on, providing referral fees that enable The Startup Daily to keep its emails free of charge. Is it possible to have access to too many entrepreneurial ideas? We don’t think so either. One to try out for yourself! (Related: Crowdsourced feedback offered to young startups.) Spotted by: Karl Krantz



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