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Stickers turn cardboard trash into playtime treasure

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Box Play for Kids' range of stickers help children creatively convert carboard packaging into a variety of objects and animals ready for play.

Even in today’s world where children are being treated to their own range of tablet computers, it’s still the case that many are quite content to while away their hours playing with simple cardboard boxes. With that in mind, Arizona-based Box Play for Kids now offer a range of whimsical stickers designed to jump-start kids’ imagination when playing with cardboard. Box Play for Kids launched in October with 22 stickers designed to turn throwaway household boxes into fun toys, encouraging imaginative play and learning. Designed specifically for cereal boxes, egg cartons, milk cartons, shoe boxes, tissue boxes and more, the stickers are made from 100 percent recycled and uncoated paper, meaning kids can embellish them with their own personal flair. Examples include stickers that turn an egg carton into a piano, a milk carton into a cartoon pig or a tissue box into a whale. Pricing ranges between USD 4 and USD 12 each. There’s virtually no limit on upcycling’s potential in this eco-conscious era, so why not help the next generation get an early start? Green-minded entrepreneurs: be inspired! Spotted by: Olivia B



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