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Personalized sticker stories for kids

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Back in 2007 we wrote about Flattenme, a company that makes personalized storybooks for kids by incorporating in each a photo and the name of the child who will read them. Now from Argentina comes StickieStory, which takes an interactive, sticker-based approach to much the same theme. Customers of StickieStory begin by choosing which story they’d like their book to be about—current options include “Space Adventure” and “Super Super,” a superhero tale. They then upload photos of one main character and as many as three secondary characters, along with their names. From there, StickieStory creates a glossy and full-colour, 8.5-by-11-inch storybook with 12 pages, along with 3 sheets of stickers: one bearing the characters for the story, each customized with the appropriate face and name, and the other two with stickers for the contents of the story. Using the resulting StickieStory book is a combination of reading and play whereby kids place their stickers in the designated spots in the book as they follow along with the story. Pricing for each book is USD 19, and worldwide shipping is available. Our sister site first wrote about gravanity back in 2003, but there’s still no end in sight to consumers’ love for products of any kind that feature them—their face, their family or at least their name. Vanity, thy name is everyconsumer; entrepreneurs, that sound you hear is opportunity knocking! 😉



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