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Sticky car art with a crowdsourcing twist

Mobility & Transport

When we wrote about Volkswagen UK’s Beetle Art stickers for cars a couple of years ago, we noted that allowing consumers to design their own decals would mesh even better with the customer-made trend. Lo and behold, one of our spotters recently came across a site that takes a crowdsourcing approach to consumer-created sticker designs. San Francisco-based Infectious, which launched earlier this year, offers a range of car stickers designed by artists from around the world, but it also lets consumers submit their own designs. Those interested can first get an informal critique from the community on the site. Once they’re happy with their design, they can submit it either through Infectious’s open submission process, or through one of its themed contests. (The first contest, which just ended, sought submissions on the theme of Barack Obama.) Designs are then posted for voting on the site. Creators of those voted into production get USD 100 and 5 percent of net sales; the Infectious team’s favourite of the month also gets an additional USD 400 and up to USD 400 in Infectious product. Infectious Car Art is designed to last 12 to 24 months. Prices range from roughly USD 35 for an icon to USD 389 for a full kit. There’s no stopping Generation C(ontent) and its content-producing proclivities, and increasingly these creative consumers are demanding rewards for their efforts. Generation C(ash) is here to stay–now that’s a trend that will stick! 😉 Spotted by: Anita Windisman



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