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Weekly supper club features 'stolen' recipes from upscale restaurants

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We’ve seen several supper clubs and “anti-restaurants” over the years, including Ghetto Gourmet, BookOfCooks and Charlie’s Burgers. Proving the budget-minded idea still has strong potential, London’s recently launched Stolen Supper Club sets itself apart by explicitly featuring recipes purloined from other, high-end restaurants. Stolen specialises in parties, but it also holds two weekly events. Its Monday Supper Club serves up to 15 guests in Stolen’s cosy Notting Hill location. Usually BYOB, the supper club features a different menu each week—often, news of the recipe “heist” that inspired it is posted beforehand on the company blog. A recent week in March, for example, featured recipes “stolen” from London’s renowned Cinnamon Club, including Chicken Tikka Masala and stir-fried okra with dried mango, for a minimum contribution of GBP 30. Stolen also offers a Thursday market stall at London’s Maida Hill Market for lunchtime fare; delivery is available as well. Economic recovery may be under way, but it could be a long time before consumers lose their hard-won thriftiness; they’ll certainly never lose their taste for quality. How better to tap into both than by providing low-cost but still very high-end meals, with a unique experience to boot? Foodies and chefs around the globe: one to emulate for the budget-minded gourmets in your neck of the woods…?



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