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Location-based stories immerse users via mobile app

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It was not even two months ago that we covered WHAI WHAI’s mobile guides to numerous Italian cities, and recently we came across a related initiative in Germany. Storytude is a website and app for Android and iPhone that offers location-based stories as a way to tour several German cities. Gearing up for a launch in April, Storytude will focus first on Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne. Using its apps, consumers will be able to follow along with a variety of fictional stories that use real-life locations as their backdrops. Each chapter is typically associated with a different spot in the city in question, so the user gets immersed there while listening to the tale unfold. Thrillers and short stories are both among the genres of story that will be on offer. Storytude is the brainchild of Berlin-based Mobile Melting; Geophon is its publishing partner. In anticipation of its upcoming launch, Storytude is currently looking for developers, writers, editors, marketing people and project managers, it says. Then, too, there would seem to be numerous possibilities for expansion into other cities around the globe. One to get in on early? (Related: Urban adventure game culminates in a secret dining experienceTours of London, led by the city’s homelessAdidas creates free iPhone guide to Berlin’s street art.) Spotted by: Franziska Luh



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