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Streetlights powered by footsteps


Las Vegas has brought in streetlamps that are powered by a combination of solar and kinetic energy.

New York based EnGoPLANET partnered with the city of Las Vegas to install the world’s first smart streetlights that are powered by the kinetic energy of people’s footsteps. According to EnGoPLANET’s own estimates, the world spends more than USD 40 billion each year in energy costs for the more than 300 million traditional streetlights that result in more than 100 million tons of carbon pollution annually.

The new streetlights, installed in Boulder Plaza in the city’s Arts District, are powered by a combination of solar panels and kinetic energy pads. The innovation represents a significant opportunity for governments looking to meet their climate targets, as more cities announce plans to run entirely on sustainably produced energy. Las Vegas Mayor, Carolyn G. Goodman explains the city’s plans, “We want to provide the highest service levels while also looking to the future and ensuring that we are sustainable. Las Vegas strives to be on the cutting edge of all things, and this project coincides with plans to develop an innovation district in our downtown.”

The company has plans to bring solar-kinetic streetlights to the 1.4 billion people that do not yet have access to street lighting. They are currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo to install the lights in 10 villages across Africa. We recently wrote about this wood flooring innovation that makes it possible to harvest the energy of people walking on it. How else will we see footsteps put to good use in this way?


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