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Mobile app connects those who share journeys

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We’re spotting more and more examples of online technologies — once predicted to isolate users — doing just the opposite and enabling mass mingling instead. In much the same spirit as, French SubMate is a mobile app that helps city locals find and connect with others who spend time in the same vicinity. Users of the free SubMate iPhone app (SubMate is short for “Subway Mate”, the site says) begin by entering a trip they take on a regular basis, whether it’s a daily commute or visits to a friend or relative. They also enter some details about their interests. From there, SubMate searches for other users within the same vicinity and with similar interests and returns the results. Users can then view the resulting list of their “SubMates” and get in touch if they choose. Created by Paris-based I See U, SubMate’s iPhone app is now available from the iTunes store and an Android version is on the way. The service currently covers Paris, New York, London, Hong Kong, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao, but I See U plans to reach 50 cities before this summer. One to partner with toward that end? (Related: Group dinners aim to introduce new friends at restaurantsMatchmaking site for platonic friendshipsTrip-planning site helps find others to travel the world with.) Spotted by: Jennifer Yadak



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