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Backyard camping experiences, outdoor movies optional

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In lean times, camping offers an increasingly attractive alternative to more expensive getaways. However, for those that are discouraged by the effort involved, New Jersey-based Suburban Camping is a company that sets up complete backyard camping experiences — all consumers need do is enjoy them. Covering everything from cots and tents to “trail mix bars” and outdoor movies, Suburban Camping essentially aims to take care of all the details consumers might need arranged for an enjoyable camping experience in their own backyard. All campsites are set up by an experienced outfitter with one or multiple tents and sleeping bags, cots, lighting and whatever extras clients might request. Outdoor movies can also be arranged with seating and professional projection and sound. Pricing begins at USD 350 for a classic camping experience with one tent. Outdoor movie nights and fully stocked lemonade and s’mores bar add-ons costing USD 150. Between recent tough economic times and environmental concerns, there’s much to be said for a low-cost, low-impact “staycation” that still feels like a getaway. This one’s ripe for emulation the world over! (Related: Peer-to-peer camping grounds: renting out the back yardFarm camping in cottage-style tents (private chicken coops optional)Sustainable urban campground to be crowd-funded & managed.) Spotted by: Cat Ivins



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