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Subway launches food ordering via SMS

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We’ve already written on two separate occasions about GoMobo and its service enabling food ordering via text message. Always happy to see a good idea spread, we were recently pleased to note that the company has signed on sandwich chain Subway for text ordering in New York City. Users of Subway Now begin by entering their address online to find the Subway shop nearest them. They then create and save their favourite orders, each of which is assigned a number. To order by text message, they simply text the word “menu” to Subway’s shortcode, and the service sends back a list of their favourites. They reply with the number they want, and Subway Now responds with a text confirmation and pickup time. All orders are paid via credit card information saved on the Subway Now site, so customers can skip the line entirely when they pick up their food, and the service itself is free. With the time savings and VIP treatment for customers and the reportedly increased order sizes for restaurants, it’s no wonder this trend is going strong. Which major chain will be next….? Spotted by: Bjarke Svendsen



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