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Suit blocks potentially harmful waves from cell phones


Smuggler, a fashion brand from France, has developed a men's suit which blocks electromagnetic waves from cell phones and wifi points.

The increase in number of people owning cell phones and wireless broadband connections is good news for global communication but there are concerns that the electromagnetic waves involved could be harmful – the International Agency for Research on Cancer describes them as ‘possibly carcinogenic’. With this in mind, we’ve seen a number of efforts to provide protection from the waves, such as wifi-blocking wallpaper from the Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble in France. Now Smuggler, a fashion brand from the country, has developed a men’s suit which does the same. Created over three years in collaboration with the XLIM Research Institute, the company used materials previously only worn by professionals whose work involves high exposure to electromagnetic waves. Refining the technique, Smuggler was able to develop a fabric suitable for smart menswear, made by interweaving the thread with non-allergenic nickel, stainless steel and aluminium. According to Benjamin Anin from the company’s research and development department, the suit can block up to 90 percent of electromagnetic waves, but still retains the high fashion stylings the label is known for. If concerns about the long-term effects of the signals given off by the devices we carry around with us every day have any truth, perhaps we could see anti-electromagnetic fashion become a big industry. Spotted by: Alexia M



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