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Summer camp for hopeful YouTubers

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Summer camps in the US and Spain are offering activities based around the world of online entertainment, hosted by famous YouTubers.

The best summer camps tap into more current ambitions of the kids that attend. Today, one such ambition is becoming a YouTube star, and there are now two camps, Camp17 and 2bcamp, providing activities based around the world of online entertainment, hosted by some of YouTube’s biggest stars.

The three camps offered by Camp 17, based in Wisconsin and Connecticut, are hosted by young YouTubers. Camp Aim is hosted by vlogger Meghan Rienks and offers lifestyle activities like makeovers and lip-synching competitions, along with the usual adventure activities such a zip lines and sports. Likewise, #bestcampever, which is hosted by vloggers Bethany Mota and Tyler Oakley, gives traditional camp activities a YouTube twist. Creator Camp gives attendees hands-on tutorials in photography, shooting and editing footage and how to create a community, as well as fun stuff such as swimming and creative writing.

In Spain, 2bcamp is an education camp that offers lessons in opening a channel, creating content and branding, and editing, as well as English classes and opportunities for collaboration. Camp 17 camps last for five days and cost from USD 1000, while 2bcamp lasts a fortnight and prices start from EUR 650. What other modern phenomenon could be added to the summer camp experience?

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