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Solar panels, measured and designed remotely using satellite images

Property & Construction

Last summer we spotted Roof Ray, an online service that uses Google maps to estimate a building’s solar potential. California-based Sungevity takes the notion one step further by using solar imaging and existing satellite images to design solar panelling. Sungevity’s system means it cuts out visits to client homes to take measurements and make draft plans; speeding up process, saving customers a bit of cash, and also reducing carbon emissions. Interested customers can request a free iQuote. Staff then set to work with satellite images to measure the available roof space, determine the tilt and direction of the roof, and even identify obstacles that could make installation difficult or cause shade problems. Two to five systems are designed for every quote, allowing Sungevity to work around the target quote and take issues such as energy rebates into consideration. The company acknowledges that some more complicated homes may require visits, but for most a visit to the site isn’t necessary until installation day. The company also takes care of permits and paperwork. Sungevity breaks new ground by combining aerial photography with remote design and pre-fitted solar panelling. Services like this simplify retrofitting homes, which is half the battle in convincing people to act to cut carbon. One to bring to other sunny regions? Spotted by: Charlie Haims



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