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The Lumir K | Photo source Lumir

Super-efficient lamp is powered by cooking oil

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The Lumir K uses a small amount of cooking oil to provide light in almost any condition

Spotted: Lumir, the company that developed an LED lamp (the Lumir C) powered by a single candle, has created a new portable light. This one is powered by a small amount of cooking oil. The Lumir K can provide an hour of light using just 5ml of oil, and can use almost any type of cooking oil. This makes the light very useful for people living in developing countries, as it runs on oil that is both cheap and easy to come by and needs no recharging.

“Lumir K uses cooking oil as fuel not kerosene, which is difficult to use due to its uneven quality depending on the region,” Lumir founder Jehwan Park told Springwise. “Through this process, we decided to use cooking oil with little difference in quality depending on the region.”

Like the Lumir C, the Lumir K works using the Seeback Effect, where heat is converted directly into electricity at the junction of two different semi-conductors. Lighting the oil creates a temperature difference at the place where the semi-conductors meet, causing a voltage difference that in turn creates an electrical current. The current is then used to power the lamp’s LED lights. The light gives off almost 100 lumens, making the Lumir K about four times brighter than a standard kerosene lamp. 

Lumir also claims that, unlike kerosene lamps, which lose 90 percent of their energy to heat, the Lumir K uses almost all of its fuel energy for lighting, making it more efficient than kerosene. Additionally, unlike solar lights, the Lumir can be used under any weather conditions.

The company has won a James Dyson Award for the lamp, and has partnered with the Korean International Cooperation Agency. The company seeking backing on Indiegogo and hopes to raise $10,000 (€8,830). Backers also have the option of buying lamps for people in need. The company plans to begin shipping in September 2019.




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