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Supermarket and smart lock system enable in-fridge delivery

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Infridge is a new delivery service that includes unpacking the customer's order into their fridge.

The days of having to physically visit a store in order to buy groceries are long gone — these days, customers order anything by pressing a button. But the convenience of delivery depends on the customer being at home. Now, Swedish e-tailer ICA is trialling Infridge, a new delivery service that includes unpacking the customer’s groceries in their home, to insure no ice-cream ever gets left out melting because nobody’s home.

To begin, customers place their order online and include details about when they will be out of the house. Then, PostNord, one of the partners in the scheme makes the delivery. They let themselves into the home using the Glue smart digital lock and key, and unload the shopping. The Glue smart lock can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or by a temporary digital key assigned by the homeowner. Once the delivery person is inside, the customer receive an automatic notification. The food is then unpacked into the fridge and cupboards without the shopper lifting a finger.

Could a similar service be provided for furniture delivery?



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