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Bikes built for heavier riders

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Bicycling may be a healthful and eco-minded activity for people of all shapes and sizes, but most bikes can’t support more than 225 pounds. Therein lies a problem for plus-sized consumers — and the opportunity that spurred the creation of Super Sized Cycles. A variety of bicycles, electric bikes and tricycles are available from Vermont-based Super Sized Cycles, whose Zize brand includes models capable of supporting up to 550 pounds. Steel frames, wider tires, broad pedals and strong rims and spokes are among the features that make Zize bikes well-suited for heavier weights, as are wider, well-padded seats. All are fully guaranteed by the company; pricing begins at USD 699. In the United States alone, roughly one-third of the adult population is now considered obese, according to the CDC. What other products can be adapted in this way — particularly for enhanced health? (Related: Club Bounce caters to the big & beautiful set.) Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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