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The Misty Lady vacuum seal bags | Photo source Salt Bags

Compostable vacuum seal bags for the fishing industry

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Salt Bags has launched a zero-waste vacuum seal bag named Misty Lady, aiming to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced by the fishing industry

Spotted: New Zealand-based company Salt Bags, who produce environmentally friendly alternatives for storing and carrying everyday items, have launched a series of vacuum seal bags named Misty Lady. With the aim of reducing the amount of plastic ending up in the ocean and environment, co-founders Reuben and Melissa Woods created the bags from plant-based home compostable biofilm and home compostable adhesives. Misty Lady was recognised as a Sustainable Product Design finalist against leading New Zealand exporters, and the team were also awarded a gold accolade in the Australian GOOD Design Awards, for communication packaging design.

Before Misty Lady was developed, the Salt Bags founders were concerned about the lack of compostable vacuum seal bags in fishing stores. The product has already received positive feedback from customers, with many having waited a long time for such a solution. Every element of the Misty Lady bags have been carefully considered and crafted, making them not only a safe storage solution, but also a visually-appealing product. When a customer has finished using the bags, they simply have to place the product in a warm home compost and allow it to biodegrade.

The Misty Lady bags are available on the Salt Bags website, ranging from €10 for 10 bags to €28.50 for 50 bags. Over the next six to twelve months, Reuben and Melissa Woods will focus on the distribution of their products into new markets and new hands.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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