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The facility will be expanded to grow 1,000 tonnes annually by the end of 2021 | Photo source Nordic Harvest

Europe’s largest vertical farm grows vegetables for Denmark

Agriculture & Energy

The Nordic Harvest vertical farm is fully wind-powered and does not use pesticides

Spotted: The Nordic Harvest vertical farm is the result of a partnership between Denmark’s sustainable food production startup, Nordic Harvest, and Thailand’s vertical farm technology experts, YesHealth Group. Denmark produces more wind energy than it uses, which when combined with automated growing processes, reused water and high efficiency LED lights, allows the farm to greatly reduce its carbon footprint.

As everything is grown indoors, there is no need for pesticides and the volatility of traditional farming is eliminated as crops are no longer weather dependent. With more than 5,000 points of data monitored and gathered by Nordic Harvest’s systems, the entire hydroponic growing and packaging process is under constant review for efficiency and effectiveness.

Already capable of growing 200 metric tonnes of produce a year, the facility will be expanded to grow 1,000 tonnes annually by the end of 2021. Salad greens, herbs and vegetables are currently being harvested for use in commercial kitchens. Supermarket sales are expected to begin later in the year, and the farm team plans to harvest crops 15 times each year.

From high-density urban housing designs that incorporate farm space to transforming now-disused office blocks into city centre farms, agriculture is returning to many peoples’ lives, often in unexpected ways and locations.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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