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The cabin used as a hotel room in the UK | Photo source Koto Design

Sustainable architects and designers collaborate on net-zero homes

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The designs for the homes are based on the principles of biophilic living, presenting a minimum carbon footprint

Spotted: A joint effort between UK-based, modular, sustainable architects Koto Design and US-based prefabricated design and manufacturing company dedicated to sustainable construction, Plant Prefab, has revealed designs for two net-zero homes.

The homes, named Yksi House and Piha House, follow Plant Prefab’s humanistic approach to design and sustainable living and are now available for construction in the United States. 

The sculptural form of the cantilevered Yksi offers a two-bedroom residence in just over 1,100 square feet. Piha (meaning “courtyard” in Finnish) presents a spacier version featuring a  four-bed, three-bath, 202,90-square-metre house with two courtyards that connect inhabitants with the outdoors. 

Koto LivingHome 1 and 2 will be built with ultra-efficient heating and cooling systems, smart energy monitoring, LED lighting, recycled insulation and drywall and low-flow water fixtures.

Koto’s designs are strongly influenced by the Scandinavian design tradition, maximising light, space, facilitating comfort, and to encourage biophilic living: a connection between people and nature.

Like all LivingHomes, Koto LivingHome 1 and 2 feature Amazon Alexa-compatible smart home devices integrated throughout the home, to ensure energy monitoring. 

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