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Made from birch plywood, bespoke choices include energy-efficient walls, roofs and floors | Photo source Boano Prišmontas

Prefabricated office pod creates home garden workspace

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Affordable and quick to install, the pods are customisable and produce minimal waste

Spotted: My Room in the Garden is a prefabricated office that fits in nearly any outdoor space. Designed by the London-based Boano Prišmontas studio, the modular work area suits individuals as well as businesses. As many employers and employees consider making remote working a long-term arrangement, more structured workspaces are needed to help demarcate work from home life.

Companies seeking to support teams of employees who are rarely, if at all, in the same location at the same time may consider the pods for home-based support and wellbeing. The units could also be clustered together to provide socially distanced team working as well as provide a means for businesses to reduce their fixed costs.

The smallest pods are 1.8 by 2.4 metres, and all of the offices are a fixed height of 2.5 metres so as to avoid requiring planning permission to install. Prices start at just under €6,000 for the basic model, with custom options available for additional fees. Made from birch plywood, bespoke choices include energy-efficient walls, roofs and floors, glass for windows and doors and a range of interior wall finishes.

With urban centres facing incredible changes in patterns of use, modularity may be one of the easiest ways to test new ideas. Innovations spotted by Springwise that are putting flexibility to the test include recycled plastic homes and car park-based drive through hospital clinics.

Written by: Keely Khoury



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