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Workers at one of Brooklyn Grange Farms’ rooftop farms | Photo source Brooklyn Grange Farm

New York grange expands roof-top concept

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Brooklyn Grange's three roof-top farms grow more than 36 tonnes of organic produce a year

Spotted: Sunset Park Farm, which opened this summer, is the third rooftop farm built and operated by Brooklyn Grange. The company is the leading rooftop farming business in the US. Brooklyn Grange runs three rooftop soil farms in New York City, growing more than 36 tonnes of organic produce a year.

The farms sit on top of three historic buildings and have soil 25 centimetres deep. The soil not only helps the plants grow, but it also absorbs huge amounts of water that would otherwise flow into the city drains. This is important because New York’s water treatment plants can become inundated with too much rainfall, causing them to spill sewage into the Hudson and East Rivers.

The farms supply fresh veggies and herbs to local restaurants and individuals, run weekly markets, and sell their own hot sauce. Along with growing food, the farms also host weddings and other events, and educational programs. The green roofs also prevent heat from radiating out from the buildings. This helps keep the city cool when saving energy. Compost is created from waste food.

In addition to the farms, Brooklyn Grange also provides green roof consulting and installation services to clients worldwide and works with non-profits to educate others about sustainable farming.

Brooklyn Grange is part of a larger movement in urban farming. At Springwise, we have seen the upcycling of farm waste into healthy sweeteners and a floating dairy farm.



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